What I Do


What I do

I create campaigns that profit.

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Digital Strategy
Define your digital marketing strategy and focus your business on customers who want your products or services. Meet and engage potential leads where they are and create actionable growth opportunities.
Customer Trace Targeting (CTT)
Efficiently target customers with dynamic digital ads powered by an integrated marketing suite and customer data engine.
Content Marketing
Deliver engaging stories and content to create better, more meaningful connections with customers wherever they might be.
Brand Management
Build a stable digital foundation to support your business and your future brand opportunities. Whether on a scalable website or with a long-term brand management solution.
Case Study

Helping a 156 year old Canadian bank focus on younger customers

TD Canada-Trust is one of Canada's largest banks and was looking to engage younger customers by educating them on their financial opportunities at the bank.

By creating personalized content experiences, I helped their marketing teams target a specific segment of their target audience, new youthful customers.

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Reasons To
Hire Me
01. Data Influences Everything

I don't just use Google Analytics and call it a day...depending on your needs I use multiple platforms and sync them together to cross-reference every possible data-point. Your customers already talk to you in subtle ways on your social media, website, platforms and emails. This guides customer target maps and ensures a high-quality, actionable and exponentially scalable strategy.

Because I had my start in content marketing, I've come to know from first-hand experience that data is a critical indicator of the success of campaign strategy.

02. Win-Win Pricing

I don't screw around with prices. I've helped my clients sell a lot of things, but I don't command a premium because of it. I bill you based on the complexity of the project which means I aim to charge you less than it’s worth and more than it costs me to deliver. Straightforward pricing, no surprises.

I've also created a pricing sheet which outlines the ranges that I usually offer my services. Although, I do offer discounts, I do so on a case-by-case basis when evaluating things like impact,

03. The $10,000 Club

I give $10,000 of all of my client earnings to nonprofits every year and as a client, you are given the opportunity to choose who I donate to.

I started out as a 15 year old boy wanting to help my community, and this still remains the same today. The communities that my clients reside in should also benefit from your growth.

Style + Substance

"Sean is an ambitious, bright, entrepreneur, who has helped many people and companies in our community and aboard."

Justin Leushner
Former VP of Operations @ TechAlliance
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