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As a kid, I loved phones and computers (even cutting my left pointer-finger opening an old Samsung projector monitor because I was curious). Since then, I've always loved finding the behind things in my life. Asking this question continues to lead me to discover new things in my life. As I continue to explore the possibilities of marketing, design, athletics/health and the world around me, my work changes also. As such, I'm constantly learning new things through experiences on how to develop myself as a person and as a professional.

I'm an Irish-Canadian digital marketer and student currently pursuing my Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Law at the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics in Waterloo, Ontario. I graduated from St. André Bessette Catholic Secondary School in London, Ontario in 2019 and received the Lieutenant Governors Community Volunteer Award for my work with local cancer non-profit, ONERUN.

In the Fall of 2017, I was honoured to be amongst the class of the EY Youth Top 100 where I was listed 29th overall. Prior to this, I became the youngest winner of the Ontario Centres of Excellence's Make Your Pitch contest while running Geco Digital Labs.

I'm an avid runner, lover of anything caffeine or chocolate and everything aviation related. I can often be found working on projects, transiting between Waterloo, Toronto, London or Dublin or working away at school assignments in Lazaridis or the Library on campus.

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I grow businesses by creating unique digital experiences customers love and stakeholders dream of.

My first project was horrible. It was a new logo design for a local London startup that was just getting their start. The project was incredibly under budgeted and I missed the mark with their requirements. Fast forward six years later, I'm continuing to master my craft but have found a niche for myself that I love and enjoy sharing with my clients; content and experience. The power of digital marketing software today is that marketers can create depth-defying art out of campaign briefs whilst tailoring the end result to each specific customer. The results is a campaign designed to not only visually delight, but one that also profits and converts.

This is something that I am proud of and can honestly say is my favourite aspect of working in marketing. Building brands is like invisible LEGO blocks; you need the pieces to connect together from the start and the strategy (the manual) guides everything together to build a strong, connected and reliable structure.

The values that I hold in my work and look for in clients.

Genuinely Uplifting

I am someone who likes to be a cheerleader for my peers, clients and colleagues. Being genuinely uplifting and encouraging to the people around me is something that is small, but can be uniquely powerful (in my opinion).

Social Heart

Supporting the communities that you work in simply because it is the right thing to do is incredible important to me. Every year, I give roughly 15% of my time to support social causes and donate roughly $10,000 to various Canadian charities.

Entrusting & Transparent

Naturally, putting trust in someone is the hardest thing for anyone to do. To combat this, I look to create partnerships with my clients which are built on a foundation of transparency. It is incredibly important to me that trust is easily established.

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I can genuinely geek out about marketing, business strategy, tech, aviation and running (and pretty much anything between that). Take a look at what I'm writing.

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